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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a PCO apply pesticides without a business registration?
No. He can't and he can't have liability insurance without a business registration.
How important is insurance?
If the PCO causes harm, you may be out of luck.
What does PCO mean?
Pest Control Operator.
Can anyone apply pesticides?
For personal use only, with general use pesticides like that from a hardware store.
Are there any other types of applications?
Commercial applications, which are done by a hired person. Simply put, if you are ... Read more
What is IPM?
Integrated Pest Management, the industry and government standard and our operating ... Read more
What is Biology Based Integrated Pest Management?
We apply IPM principles to pests based upon their instincts and capabilities. For ... Read more
Is Pest Control safe around my family and pets?
We really do care about the well being of every member of your household. That's why ... Read more
We have mice, but I'm worried about my children and pets. How can I be sure that the children will be safe?
We only use locked rodent bait stations. Only the mouse/rat can get to the poison ... Read more
How do you treat for roaches?
First, we need to know what type of roach we are treating for. There are two groups. ... Read more
How do you treat for water bugs (American/Oriental roaches)?
American Roach
Oriental Roach
We treat baseboards, especially near radiators, with a residual spray and ... Read more
How do you treat for the German and Brown Banded roaches?
Brown Banded
First, we inspect the area and equipment where they have been sighted. Then, we ... Read more
How do you treat for ants?
There are a number of different types of ants. Aside from the common type (AKA as ... Read more
How do you treat for common ants?
We look for their trails, food sources and access points. Unless they're an unusual ... Read more
How do you treat for carpenter ants?
Carpenter Ants
We inspect for nests, trails, damage and entries. We then come up with a strategy to ... Read more
How do you treat for fire ants?
Fire Ants
They're treated with a specialized bait. They are not common in this area, and that'... Read more
How do you treat for bed bugs?
Bed Bugs
Once the pest and areas of activity are determined, we instruct the customer on how ... Read more
How do you get rid of pigeons?
Before anything else is said, if you have a pigeon issue, do not breathe in dry ... Read more
How do you get rid of squirrels?
Squirrels become a problem when they have found/made an opening in your house. First,... Read more
How long have you been in business?
Empire Pest Control was started in 1963 as a family run neighborhood business and ... Read more
How do you get rid of spiders?
Most spiders secrete themselves in a hiding place almost anywhere. They are insect ... Read more
How do you control mosquitoes?
We handle mosquito control, but it's usually part of a commercial, industrial or ... Read more
How do you control termites?
This is an area only handled by experts and we're very experienced in how to solve ... Read more
How do you control flying insects?
Flying Insects
If you mean flies, there is one hard and fast rule - if you don't get the breeding ... Read more
How do you control biting/stinging flying insects such as bees, wasps and hornets?
Each of these must first be identified. Then, their nest is located and eliminated. ... Read more




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