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Empire Pest Control 1, LLC (A Brief 50 Year History)

Started by Vito Madellena, Empire Pest Control 1, LLC has been a leader and innovator in the pest control industry since 1963. Our range of pest control service covers all types of pests from the common to the uncommon. We solve problems and love doing it. Our method has always been Biology Based Integrated Pest Management which leads to Sustainable Pest Control. By this, we mean that we not only control the problem, by determining what caused it in the first place and what is supporting the pest now, the problem can be rectified and a recurrence is minimized. It also means less pesticides used or none at all. And, the environment wins as well.
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Our latest completed project:
11 John Street, New York, New York
Empire Pest Control 1, LLC services all categories of customers from individual apartments to small family homes to large multiple dwellings to commercial, industrial, construction and railroads. Over the years we have done extensive work with the MTA and Port Authority in both servicing their facilities and participating in their Capital Improvement Projects. As example, we've work on station rehabilitation efforts including Manhattans Metro North Grand Central Terminal and the system going north from there, the Coney Island Stillwell Subway Terminal, the Times Square Subway Station, Manhattans West Side and Downtown Heliports, the World Trade Center Transportation Hub and the 63rd St Station for the new Second Avenue Subway.
As part of our commitment to moving the industry to Integrated Pest Management, our principal created an expanded syllabus, Biology Based Integrated Pest Management and taught it in the City University. It approaches pest control from what the pest needs and the tools it has. This tact provides lasting results.
As we enter our 50th year, Empire Pest Control 1, LLC is still a family owned business run by Vito's stepson, Ed De Freitas. We own our building located at 438 Court Street in Brooklyn which we restored to its original 1870's facade. We could have gone thoroughly modern as we did by adding 800 square feet below. But, brown stoning has a beauty that transcends time. Traditional values run deep with us.

Empire Pest Control 1, LLC services customers in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten Island as well as Nassau County and lower Westchester.
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