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Pest Control services in New York

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Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, Staten Island

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We Proudly Utilize IPM/Integrated Pest Management Services & Offer Green Pest Control as a Service Option

Proudly Serving
Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, Staten Island


Pest Control Services in New York City

We know exactly what's bugging you—bed bugs, termites, ants, and roaches!  Empire Pest Control, with a Brooklyn culture serving the entire city, specializes in providing a full spectrum of pest control services that get rid of the creepy crawling critters in your home, as well as the commercial, industrial, construction and food industries. Contact us when the pests in your space are getting on your nerves.

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Please note that water bugs =  American/Oriental cockroaches.
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Removing Your Unwanted Guests

Each pest problem is unique and requires a skilled hand to remedy it. We stay current with the latest technology and practices in the pest control industry. Our technicians attend annual training conferences to learn about the latest in news, techniques, and laws pertaining to pest control. Whether you need pest control maintenance or bird and rodent control services, we are equipped to remove your unwanted guests.

High-Quality & Affordable Services

Don't pay good money for poor bed bug control services that have you sleeping with the enemy the next night. We offer fair pricing and high-quality services that eliminate crawling, flying, and disease-carrying pests and rodents. Visit us to find out about our environmentally friendly products as well.

About Our Bug Business

Since 1963, our second-generation, family-owned business has provided a wide range of pest control solutions to Brooklyn area homes and businesses. We stay ahead of the bugs by continually improving our methods for controlling and eliminating pest invasions.

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